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The Features of Non-dairy Creamer

Updated: 2014-8-6 10:40:56Clicks: 5507 times


The Features of Non-dairy Creamer

1.  The fat & protein percentage can be adjusted upon your request to meet various demands.


2.  Good milk taste, loose granule, and instantly dissolved. It is designed for rapid direct dispersion into hot consumer use beverages such as smooth creamy tasting coffee, milk tea, milk powder replacement, instant cereal.


3.  Brings natural rich aroma & creamy flavor to coffee, milk tea and so on, no artificial flavor. It can increase the smoothness and whiteness of cereal beverage and milk tea, improving  expansion rate of ice cream and frozen desserts.


4.  The product is not easy to oxidation, can extend the shelf life of baked products, and its better flavor is not easy to be lost.


5.  Complements usage with milk powder, enhancing richness & creaminess. Alternative to expensive breast milk fat, cocoa fat or other origin of protein.



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