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Product DetailsFull Dream

Packaging Material: Three layers of paper bag, lined with PE film

Shelf Life: 18 months

NW: 25 kg/package

Updated: 2014-8-6


Special milk tea planting the fat end: improve the tea liquor color, of silk, bright color, los of tea caffeine, inhibition of bitter taste, the taste lubrication, can form the rich milk incense, natural refreshing;
Special coffee planting the fat end: to change the coffee color, soft coffee taste, improve the degree of smooth, inhibition of coffee undrinkable, original taste, mellow aftertaste; Suitable for different kinds of coffee, do not produce gonorrhea namely layered;
Candy for planting the fat end: milk flavor, pure milk incense lingering between lips; Mouth sweet mellow, full taste, delicious;
Ice cream is planting the fat end: to improve the expansion rate of ice cream, ice cream, cold food; Improve the organization form of cold drink product, make the product homogeneity is exquisite, smooth surface; To enhance product whiteness, milk quality; Give cold drink full, rich milk fragrance; It can be used with milk powder, milk incense rich full;
Solid beverage for planting the fat end: to improve mixing performance of products, improve flavor; Enhanced mixing milk product texture, taste, make it more thick; Provide plant oil and milk protein, enhance the nutritional value, meet the modern pursuit of health.
Bake for planting the fat end: to improve the organizational structure of baking products, prevent aging products, extend the shelf life; Better flavor to products, and improve the physical properties of the product, enhance the operability

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