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Product DetailsFoaming creamer

Packaging Material: Three layers of paper bag, lined with PE film

Shelf Life: 18 months

NW: 10 kg/package

Updated: 2015-1-29


Speciality foaming creamer: bubble rich, fragrant taste, easy to float, floating feeling good, and spread quickly.Coffee tea and special products, with plant oil research carefully prepared, the most suitable and Coffeecollocation, foil Coffee unique flavor and mellow, to match the best choice Coffee cream.

Low fat content, relative to other funds cream ball more easily dissolved in Coffee, suitable for weight loss coffeecompanion, this milk particles in addition to less fat content, heat is relatively low, coupled with low calorie low-fat and low calorie sugar Coffee, a cup of good health Coffee completed. A long shelf life, storage at room temperature (refrigerated better).

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